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Total owners lives in the property

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Hello everyone,

In the solidarity credit section:

I'm not an owner of the house. The owners are my wife and my daughter only. So the number is 2. Get an error message that I have mentioned in December 31 I live with my wife while also mentioned that my wife was also an owner(There was no other option to chose that my daughter was the second person not me. How can I solve this? if I insert one 1 owner it will pass but my daughter lives with us and she is a second owner. Thanks for help.


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Hello RamK,

Only enter this information into the file of the owner. Only one person in a couple can fill out the forms. 

Schedule D - How to enter the information pertaining to the Quebec solidarity tax credit

To enter the information pertaining to the solidarity tax credit, follow the steps below:

1. On the left side menu of the "Interview" tab, select the "Revenu Québec questions", and on the screen to your right, enter your information. You must answer "Yes" to the question "Do you wish to apply for the Québec Solidarity Tax Credit?" and click "Next" at the end of the page.

2. Return in the left side menu on the "Interview" tab selects the "Solidarity tax credit" and on the page that appears, answer the questions you are asked according to your situation.

You should be able to consult Schedule D by clicking on it in the left side menu on the "Tax Return" tab at the top of the screen. An estimate of the solidarity credit will be generated by the program. You will see it by selecting the "Solidarity credit calculation " section in the left side menu on the "Tax Return" tab. However, Revenu Québec will confirm any amount that you are entitled to receive.

For more information about the solidarity tax credit, we recommend that you consul the following links:




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