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Solidarity Credit Section


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Hello everyone,

In the solidarity credit section:

I'm not an owner of the house. The owners are my wife and my daughter only. So the number is 2. Get an error message that I have mentioned in December 31 I live with my wife while also mentioned that my wife was also an owner(There was no other option to chose that my daughter was the second person not me. How can I solve this? if I insert one 1 owner it will pass but my daughter lives with us and she is a second owner. Thanks for help.


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On 3/1/2023 at 4:37 PM, Maggie3 said:

Hello Ramk,

The Solidarity tax credit section should only be filled in by one person in a couple. If your wife is the owner, then she may fill in the page. Do not fill in the pages in your return as the file may reject or the amount will not be calculated. 

Thanks for your help, just to confirm, you meant I don't ask for Solidarity credit if my wife selected it. I tried to do as you said but still gives an error because my white is an owner and we live together but the second owner is not me. It kid my daughter. Last year the app did not send any error but this year. I understand it is a kind of control but there are many people have the same situation I assume. The solution is to give the dropdown menu a third option that is all. I hope you can report that to programer. Thanks a lot. I have also another problem please see attached snapshot. After I all submitted the app keeps sending message that still my file wasn't submitted. ARC is refusing obviously to resubmit again.

ARC Refusing since confirmation is mentioned.PNG

rami Submitted.PNG

rania Submitted 2022.PNG

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Hello RamK,

Both your and your spouses' tax return have been received by the CRA and Revenu Québec, The "Refusé" is because you tried to send it a second time. 

At this point, you may wait for the Notice of Determination from Revenu Québec to see who and how much you are receiving. Or call  Revenu Québec to inquire.

Revenu Québec au 1-800-267-6299.

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Thanks you Maggie, my point is only the bug in the program, I'm pretty sure our tax return have been received but: 1-until now the program says "Avertissements pour Tell person RM Annex D - credit d'impôts pour solidarité (Propriétaire) you have mentioned that you had a partner on Dec 31 and you also mentioned there is only one from two partners is an owner but you mentioned there are at least 2 owners. 2-Impot Net until now shows that RM did not submit and ask to submit. Two problems are not related but there are here. You know sometime things or bugs happens but for "Solidarity", I will have always this problem for all years to come because there are two owners my wife and my daughter. I don't see why Ufile this year consider this is not possible!!!. I'm just reporting an issue in the program bcz the error message is very annoying and will keep you not confidence that you can submit your return etc.. I even think to not use Ufile next year.

Thanks again.

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Hello RamK,

For the question "Please select who were the owners of your dwelling" -enter "Yourself" (because it is in your spouse's return).

Enter the number 2 into the field "Total number of owners living in the dwelling".

There is no error message that appears if you enter the information as above.

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Hello Maggie3

In my spouse return I entered "Yourself" for sure and in my page I did not select that I want this credit so this question was gone. But the app still gives the same error as exactly I already explained. The software cannot handle the fact that my wife and I lives together but she is only an owner between herself and myself wile the the second owner who lives with us is my daughter. Simple It is not smart 😄enough to consider such situation. Otherwise, the dropdown menu who'd have additional option.

It is a bug in most softwares now. Last year this error wasn't exist while I entered exactly the same. I need to enter this because it is a fact and why I lie by answering 1 owner? Fortunately it wasn't stopping the submitting. 

Anyway, thanks Maggie for your kind help, much appreciated. 🙏

Please find snapshots from another app (For Mac). If myself did not enter any info about the ownership but entered only in my spouse info, it is smartly working and logical. It was just for your information Maggie and have a great time. Apologise use a lot from your valuable time. 


Part A  About You.png

Part B Spouse.png

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Adding snapshot
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