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Comment déclarer des frais de garde dans Impôt Expert pour un enfant qui n'est pas à ma charge (garde partagée)? Shared custody and declaring daycare expenses.

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Bonjour, comme je suis séparée avec garde partagée, l'un de mes deux enfants est à la charge de son père pour les impôts. Cependant, je dois déclarer des frais de garde. Comment faire pour déclarer des frais de garde dans Impôt Expert sans ajouter une page 'd'enfant à charge'? Merci!

Good morning, I am separated and we have shared custody. For our income tax reports, we each declare one child. In ImpotExpert, how do I declare daycare expenses for the child that is not in my custody, since I cannot create a new page for him? Thanks!

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Wow, so this would allow me to enter expenses that would be consider both by Quebec and Canada for the related programs (in this case day care) and it wouldn't impact my ex-spouse from declaring the child under his custody (not sure if this is the right fiscal term in English)? If so, this would be great!

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